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EFX Energy Technologies LLC is the leading manufacturer of MLI insulation products, and the developer of the highly effective EFX Spectra MLI Insulation! As part of the Solaro Industrial Complex, EFX Energy Technologies is dedicated to producing advanced, environmentally friendly products.

EFX Spectra is an improved highly reflective, multi-layer, insulation sheet developed by our team of engineers along with the help of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. EFX Spectra was designed to be used as roll-able attic sheets and uses copper based thin films for low emission of mid-range infrared heat.

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EFX Spectra

EFX Spectra – Reflective Insulation

EFX Spectra Multilayer Reflective Insulation (MRI) is engineered to increase energy efficiency, provide a clean finished appearance, and simplify installation for all residential, post frame, light-guage steel, transportation, and commercial insulation applications.

The core of the product is made of a solid/flexible foam layer designed especially for EFX that allows the material to be effective at insulating while remaining highly reflective. The core of the EFX Spectra insulation is 1/4″ thick, providing additional insulation value and durability. In addition, the multiple facing combinations are thermally bonded in a unique process that provides a long term quality finish to every EFX roll. Finally, EFX insulation is thermally perforated, which provides a high level of permeability to moisture ultimately promoting its removal.

EFX Spectra Specifications

Product use

EFX Spectra products can be used for new construction as well as retrofitted in a variety of applications, such as residential, commercial, horse dairy or livestock buildings as well as for finished walls, building insulation, condensation control, and as a thermal break and vapor barrier.

Wood FrameRetrofit4' x 125' sqft
Metal FrameLight-Guage Steel2' x 125' sqft
Metal RoofsWorkshops1 1/3' x 125' sqft
AgricultureHouse Wrap1' x 125' sqft
ResidentialAttics1' x 125' sqft

Features and Benefits

  • Reflects up to 98% of IR
  • Nontoxic lightweight rolls
  • Durable construction and Long-lasting toughness
  • Multiple facing combinations
  • Easy installation with utility knife and tape
  • Insulation improves energy savings
  • Increase system thermal performance
  • Use in retrofit or new construction
  • Can be used for food storage
  • Can be placed in tents for camping
  • Cooler/Bags
  • Body thermal wrap with Velcro strips
  • Car thermal protector wrap


R-Value up to 17.9!

* R-Value is 17.9 depending on our multi-layers sheet:

  • Installation Method
  • Effectiveness of Ventilation System in the area
  • Floor/Ceiling and roof seal also air draft between joints
Physical Property TestedASTM MethodResults
Hemispherical Emittance (Copper Side of Product)ASTM C13710.057
Hemispherical Emittance (Aluminum Side of Product)ASTM C13710.065
Water Vapor Transmission (Perm)ASTM E963.72
Temp. and Humidity ResistanceASTM C1258PASS
Water Vapor Transmission (Perm) (After C1258)ASTM E963.98
Adhesive Performance Bleeding and DelaminationASTM C1224PASS
Adhesive Performance PliabilityASTM C1224PASS
Fungi Resistance ASTM C1338PASS
Surface Burning Characteristics (Flame Spread Index)ASTM E840
Surface Burning Characteristics
(Smoke Developed Index)
ASTM E8410

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Thank you for your interest in our products! We look forward to helping you achieve energy independence. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, or comments you might have about our products. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8am to 4pm Mountain time.